Transparency in Information: Delayed Response From the EPA|Ryan Sharp

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Recent issues regarding the release of information from the Environmental Protection Agency have gained the attention of House Oversight Democrats.   Allegedly EPA chief Scott Pruitt directed his staff to process and respond slowly to Freedom of Information Act requests. The Environmental Working Groups reports that two of Pruitt’s former aides attest their former boss, “told the agency’s staff not to comply with any FOIAs targeting the Trump administration until all the backlogged requests from the Obama administration have been finished (Formuzis, 2018)”. Under FOIA rules a response from the agency to a request is required within twenty working days excluding weekends and holidays based off the day the request was received (, 2018). However, FOIA requests that are too complex or the search for may extend beyond the 20 days, the agency must inform the requester and allow them to either wait for the documents or narrow the search to expedite the process (, 2018).  

Although agencies have some leeway in time to respond to query’s, but the EPA higher echelons went beyond that. Certain requests were “hand-selected” by political appointees to have a separate team other than the standard EPA FOIA response team handle the request to show favorable action to particular lobbyist groups (Wagner, 2018). Furthermore Wagner (2018) reports, Pruitt’s chief of staff Ryan Jackson has admitted to personally handling a request from the National Pork Producers Council, whose vice president is Michael Formica, a friend of Jackson. By either purposefully delaying certain requests or placing others ahead in the processing line the EPA is firstly failing to uphold the premise of the Freedom of Information Act of providing information to the public and keeping the citizens in the know by providing a transparent government (, 2018). Therefore, when information is withheld it takes away from the public having the ability to make informed decisions on issues that affect their lives and those around them and diminishes the prosperities of a democratic society. 


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