Back and to the Left: An Account Stranger Than Fiction |Jacob Coldren

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John F. Kennedy was assassinated November 22, 1963, while riding in a convertible in Dallas, Texas.  Since then people have patiently waited for all the documents surrounding the event to be released.  There has been much speculation around the assassination from the “magic bullet theory,” Kennedy being assassinated by his government, to him being involved with the mafia.

President Donald Trump had made many remarks in the fall of 2017 that he would open all of the records that remained in the mysterious case.  Unfortunately, the president fell short of his promise and instead decided that the public must wait at least three more years before seeing what material is left.

The National Archives did release more than 19,000 records, which shed a little bit more light, surrounding one of the greatest conspiracies in the United States of America.  A lot of the redacted information is starting to piece more and more of the case together, but it still does not clear up all the questions the public has.

In her article, Trump boasted he’d open all JFK files, but now says he can’t, Deb Riechmann of the Associated Press, reported: “CIA spokesman Nicole de Haay said the agency has already released more than 99 percent of CIA information that was in the Kennedy assassination records collection.”

Haay is reported stating that the “CIA narrowly redacted information in rare instances only to protect CIA assets, officers, and their families as well as intelligence methods, operations and partnerships that remain critical to the security of our nation.”

The Kennedy assassination took place nearly 55 years ago, which brings into question what methods, assets, operations and partnerships still around that could require this information to remain classified?

Hollywood has even taken a shot at the lunacy of the information given in Oliver Stone’s 1991 movie JFK.  One of the most memorable moments in the movie is the presentation by Jim Garrison, played by Kevin Costner, saying, “Back, and to the left… back, and to the left… back, and to the left.”

The documents that were released did show some new insights into Lee Harvey Oswald’s motivation for the assassination as well as his interactions with the Soviet intelligence officers.  Also, Jack Ruby, the man who killed Oswald, may have been connected to the “underbelly of Chicago”.

This would further the conspiracy that the Kennedy assassination could have possibly been mob-related as well as deepened the thoughts that the KGB were somehow involved.

While we still have three more years, the allotted time President Trump has given the CIA to look over the remaining information, many are still hoping for the final pieces to the puzzle to be released in October 2021.  Until then the plot thickens, but maybe in my generations lifetime, we will finally get all of the documents and answers pertaining to the Kennedy assassination.