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California is known for its many beautiful coastlines, the gorgeous weather, and for being a melting pot of diversity. San Diego, in particular, has vast landscapes of mountain surrounding an irrigated desert with spectacular waterways. Let’s not forget the cliffs and beaches along the Pacific Ocean that has its own diverse array of blues.
Those spectacular views may be what helps people to that final decision of living here or not, but in general, it is the abundance of opportunity in technology, industry, military, and medical growth is this area that draws almost a million and a half people to establish a homestead in this living, breathing city. We come from everywhere. Some are here still, because their parents settled here and now they are raising their families.
Many came to integrate and brought their most delightful foods and cultures. A person can get their heart’s delight around just about any corner. A girl can feel transported to the far reaches of the Himalayas just enjoying some tandoori chicken and naan in La Jolla.
There are a variety of churches, schools, shopping, and recreation for just about any enthusiast. Getting to know what each little community area has to offer is the best part of living here. To many like myself, having a variety of choices is at the heart of everything that makes San Diego an ideal place to live. It also keeps the news reporters very busy.
Respect for diversity is important in any law abiding society where such people live together. This is one city where the news understands just how vital that is to their relationship with the public. They are the eyes and ears to the viewers. We rely on them to do a fair job and trust they are reporting for all of the people. NBC 7 does a fantastic job.
San Diego mayor, Kevin Faulconer, at a ribbon cutting ceremony last April for NBC 7’s new “state-of-the-art facility” said the station, “continues to maintain that stellar reputation of providing high quality journalism in our city…that’s important to all of us.”
It’s not like NBC 7 is the only news channel San Diegans view though. The local chapter of the Society of Professional Journalism has awarded numerous journalists at NBC 7, as well as local KUSI News and 10 News with top awards for community service, community impact, and responsible journalism. There is an abundance of unity promoting that is encouraged throughout the county. That is no small area to cover either.
With 4500 square miles of San Diego County to write about, NBC 7 does a great job with entirety. They show no partiality about who or what gets reported. We hear about all sorts of people and things going on in communities. The middle school students in Carlsbad who painted a mural for acceptance and diversity are just as likely to make the news as the marijuana dispensary worker who was pistol whipped and robbed at the other end of the county.
Even the homeless have a voice at NBC 7. San Diego’s homeless population is the 4th highest in the nation, based on one of their reports. They’ve been following a real humanitarian piece about getting tents put up with bathrooms and beds throughout the city.
There is no lack for diversity in this awesome city, county, or state. There is especially no lack of it in NBC 7 San Diego’s journalism either.

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