SPJ@Ashford Service Projects UPDATE | Lyndsey Carr

Scholarships offer opportunities to many students aspiring to complete their educational goals. Without scholarships and other forms of financial aid many students would have trouble financing these educational goals. The Lisa Rollins Memorial Scholarship for aspiring high school journalists hopes to help cover some of these expenses. As of last week, SPJ@Ashford was given a funding expectation date of Spring/Summer of 2016. This gives our chapter the opportunity to get the word out about the scholarship as well as address any concerns or questions. Currently, the SPJ@Ashford board is preparing to announce the name and focus of our awareness project. Awareness projects are campaigns designed to bring light on key issues within a community or worldwide. Next month we plan to release the goals, definition and how the entire SPJ@Ashford community can help. The SPJ@Ashford board is always looking for new ideas and eager members who want to take on a more active role. If you have any comments, concerns or you want to become a larger part of our community email SPJ@ashford.edu.